Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I know exercise is a priority in my life. For Christmas I asked for a reflective safety vest, a flashlight and a sparkpeople exercise set! I was fortunate to receive the vest and exercise set. I love them both. I did buy the flashlight for myself and feel so much safer walking in the dark. It's gotten colder now, temps are dropping especially in the mornings. Challenged again! I considered joining the Y for the winter months. After much deliberation, hubby suggested we purchase a gently used treadmill. Wow, I was surprised. I did some research and we found one we really liked for a good price. This is a great site for Treadmill and Elliptical reviews. The bonus was I got some things organized to make room for the treadmill and hubby helped. =)
Now I just get up in the mornings and get on the treadmill. I am really enjoying this purchase. There is no drive to the gym, no waiting for exercise equipment, and I can even walk in my Pajama pants if I want! I did today. I am always challenged fitting exercise into my schedule as I have 2 children....I didn't want to rush to the gym and rush back. I had very limited time available. Now those are no longer concerns. This may not work for others but I am very pleased with the results! I think it really helped as I already had a walking plan for this entire last year. So it wasn't much trouble to get up and get on the treadmill in the mornings. The kids have enjoyed watching what I am doing too. It's good for them to see Mom making exercise and fitness a priority. My own Dad did that for me. I hope I will be a positive fitness role model for my children as well.