Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day Camps

My kids each spent this past week at a day camp. That's something new for us. We always attend Vacation Bible School every year. My kids attend and I assist. That is where my son and I were this past week. This year though, my daughter expressed an interest in Camp Invention. We agreed to let her try it this year. It was a big leap though as it is all day....until 3 pm. She did really well, loved the camp. I could see those long days were tiring her out. The camp ideas spilled over to home. Friday night, the kids spent an hour and a half at the kitchen table with Dad. They were each taking apart hard drives and checking out all of the cool things inside. There are some powerful magnets in there! There was a downside to this investigating, my son somehow got away from our group with a screwdriver. Later, I found several of his Hess trucks with the wheels off and screws laying on the floor. =)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Traveling, Sickness, Birthdays, Baptism & Dance Recital....some weeks just aren't simple!

Traveling, sickness, birthdays, baptism & dance recital.....that about sums up this past week in our lives. We traveled to see family and attend our niece's baptism. The week we visited turned out to be a highly celebrated birthday week in the family. We arrived was really a "planes, trains & automobiles" adventure. I drove with the kids a few days earlier. Hubby flew up a few days later. We picked him up at the airport and headed over to the Italian Market in Philadelpia. We visited there. Picked up some fresh produce, then headed over to Washington Avenue for some fresh Philadelpia soft pretzels. Yum! We celebrated a different family birthday on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Why not just one big celebration, you ask? First, that would be too simple (just what I would like!). The birthdays were in different families. One was a cake one night after dinner for my father-in-law. The second was on the other side of the family for my sister. We had all of the cousins together too for that one. The third was back on the other side of the family. Following a reception for the baptism. It was her brother and both sides of that family were together for a much welcomed change. Thank goodness I didn't indulge in cake every day! Yikes, I'd be in trouble!
The day after we arrived my daughter complained of a sore throat, which lead to a fever for 2 days. Poor girl. She's rarely sick. It seems when she does get sick, it takes her down. I took her to the doctor's a few days later when she started with ear pain. Diagnosis: Ear Infection.
We traveled 850 miles to family for a short visit and a baptism. Then we all returned home together. After driving 1700 miles round trip, then another 100 miles to the airport to pick up hubby's truck we arrived safely at home. Later that afternoon, I took my daughter to her dance recital rehearsal in town. On the way, about 6 miles from home, we got a flat tire!
It was an eventful week. The recital was last night. The van now has a spare on it. I will be getting two new tires this week. We got our fill of family, visiting and birthdays. Now we can sit back and relax...back to living more simply......