Thursday, July 23, 2015

Adorable Bookshelves in this Tiny Cabin

Our RV Journey – Summer Trip – Day 80

I love the bookshelves in this tiny cabin! They add character to the room and serve a wonderful purpose.

I love books and as much as I simplify, I still have many books! I find the area of books, a challenging one for me to simplify. We have our own little library at home. We are all avid readers and thoroughly enjoy our library.

For our summer trip, I’ve learned to:

·         pare down and just bring a few books with us in our RV
·         utilize my Kindle while traveling
·         use the local library.

~ Happy Camper         

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Project - Bus Conversion

Our RV Journey – Summer Trip – Day 76

Spotlight on: Hank Butitta

Hank Butitta is a recent architectural graduate. During his Masters Program, he bought and converted a bus. I love how he took theory to hands on - outside the classroom doors and began this project. I do like the design from the layout to the beds to the bookshelves to the flexibility of the entire inside.  Take a look

You can also watch Hank Butitta as he gives a TED talk.
“Blend of excitement and fear – embrace it.”

Why couldn’t I have a project like this in school? Imagine how much he actually learned from the hands on experience. I give him a lot of credit for thinking of this project as I imagine it was outside the box for his field, proposing it, then completing it. 

~ Happy Camper

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Find or Create an Adventure!

Our RV Journey – Summer Trip – Day 73

One day last week, we took the train into Philadelphia. We walked around the Historic District and attended the Once Upon a Nation Storytelling Benches. It is a free service. You are given a map and locate Storytelling Benches in that area of the city. At each bench is a Storyteller who tells a story from history. It was quite interesting and entertaining. Check your local city or town for interesting events throughout the summer, or create your own! Create an I Spy list of 10 things to see in your city or town. Or create a scavenger hunt. We had an adventure exploring the city. When planning our trip, the kids both added places they wanted to see as well. I encourage you to find an adventure and if there isn’t one presented, don’t let that stop you – create one!

~ Happy Camper

Monday, July 6, 2015

Lazy Days: Enjoying a Date at the Lake

Our RV Journey – Summer Trip – Day 63

Hubby and I had our first Tube Date down at the Lake today. What do I mean by that? We have two large Intex lounging tubes. We bought them after our first year at the Lake. They get a lot of use. We only have two and usually the kids and friends take turns using them. 

Today, hubby and I decided to take them down to the Lake. The kids opted to stay at the camper; they were involved in an activity at the time. 

So we had a whole hour to ourselves just floating around the Lake, chatting and enjoying each other’s company!

What is your favorite outside date?

~ Happy Camper 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Back to Routines

Our RV Journey – Summer Trip – Day 58

Yesterday, we began getting back to our routines with our activities. Today, I got focused on me personally – my body – my eating and exercising. I completed my individual exercises and walk, then got back to meal planning. With all of the rain, I’ve been craving soup, however due to the power loss, I’ve been unable to use my crockpot. Today I made soup on the stove as I was short on time. Sometimes it’s hard to get it all done in the morning – exercise, food shopping, preparing the meal and putting it in the crockpot! Something had to give, so I cooked the soup on the stovetop instead.  I made my taco soup. It was yummy and I was so happy to have soup in my belly again! My comfort food. Plus, I have plenty of leftovers for the rest of the week.

  ~ Happy Camper