Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Too Much Stuff?

I've been decluttering this past week. I like to declutter, organize, purge and donate. It is a cleansing and liberating feeling for me. I recently read an article and one line jumped out at me:

"Cap possessions by number (five pairs of jeans), size (one basketful of toiletries), or time (unread books will be donated after three months)."

Wow, okay I'm way beyond that. Do I declutter more? Food for thought. The areas listed in the quote are not areas I'm concentrating on.

I finally decluttered my pantry again! Looks nice, clean and organized again. I notice I write "again" and wonder why I can't create a system that works. I think I had one and life got in the way. Let's see if I can do better this year.

So where does my stuff go? I actually decluttered the pantry and linen closet. Linen closet? Yes, it's not too often that I declutter in there, but I stumbled upon it and found myself going through it.

1. I throw away things that are unusable, damaged or broken. Hopefully I'm not finding too many of those items in the house. I'm usually pretty good about them. I did have to put something out and call for a bulk pick up in my area. Check. Now what can I add to the pick up? He, he. =)

2. If I can find a new home for it, I do. I offer items on a loop of friends that live local to me. That's always my first pick. Or I offer the items to neighbors, other friends and church. I also use Freecycle and Goodwill.

3. Is it under warranty or can it be repaired? We do have one item - a Nerf gun - that continues to jam. I contacted Hasboro to see if this has been an issue. They helped me problem solve but to no avail. I learned something new. Hasboro offers a one year warranty on their Nerf guns! I had no idea. They offered to send me a postage paid label to return the item and then they will replace it. In decluttering, I actually found the original Nerf box too! Ha, ha! So unusual for me to keep a box, however we had an issue with Nerf gun in the past, so I kept the box.