Friday, July 31, 2009

Emergency Tree Frog Release

If you've been following my posts, you are aware we have baby tree frogs! If you need to get up to speed, read about it here. This morning, we woke up and checked our tree frogs as we do every morning, we found one dead. =(

After this discovery, we sadly (for us) had an emergency tree frog release. I got one on my finger. He was smaller than my finger nail in size. He sat on there trustingly. I took him outside. Hubby and daughter accompanied me, each with one on their hands as well. The little tree frog was so cute! He continued to sit on my finger, then slowly walked up my hand with his sticky webbed feet. My son came over and let him crawl onto his hand. Then took him to a nearby tree and released him.

We are not sure what happened to the tree frog that didn't survive. Hubby and I both did some more reading on creating a habitats for them. We made some changes. We hope to have healthy tree frogs that continue to thrive!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Visit to Charleston, South Carolina

Recently we traveled to Charleston, South Carolina. Prior to going, I came across an online list of activities to do with kids. We parked at the Visitor's Center and went inside for a city map -always a helpful tool to have. The kids each wanted maps too - every kids needs a map for an adventure! We headed around the corner on Ann Street to the Children's Museum. The kids were thrilled, played inside and each made a new friend. The Children's Museum included sections on gravity with balls, water and boats races, pirate boat complete with a jail and shackles, food market which included a cash register, art area and a castle area with a back staircase. The kids had fun exploring and pretending, putting those imaginations to work.

Hungry after some hearty play time, we headed over to the Buccaneer restaurant on Faber Street. When coming in through the doors there are swords, muskets and daggers on display. We enjoyed the food and atmosphere. There was a large circular fish tank in the middle of the restaurant. The kids enjoyed taking a look while waiting for the food. The food came quickly and was delicious. Reasonably priced. After dinner, we walked down to the pier. Along the pier, were tables and benches to visit and look across the water or visit with others. There were also some large family swings - big enough for four of us to sit comfortably across. Sitting there, rocking gently, looking out at the water, the wind blowing softly was a nice treat. After a while of visiting and rocking, we walked along the water. It was a nice night.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Summer Science Projects: Tadpoles, Tree Frogs and a Mud Turtle

Our science projects have expanded this summer. We started out with a tadpole rescue, you can read more here. My husband rescued them from a ditch with evaporating water. It has been a great learning experience and summer project! It's been fun to watch them grow and check them every morning to see who has grown one set of legs, then two sets and then lungs. So far, they have all grown into itty bitty toads, about the size of a large house fly. We've let them go when their lungs have developed and their tails are gone.

On Saturday morning, much to our excitement, we realized 2 of our tadpoles are tree frogs!!! We are very excited here and considering keeping them a while longer. I'm doing some research. We're going to need another aquarium! Here's what I've found so far: frogs, raising tadpoles, mud turtle care & mud turtles as pets. Surprisingly, tree frogs and mud turtles are both listed as recommended pets. Tree frogs are nocturnal and make a loud "chirping" noise at night. Ours haven't done so yet. I wonder when they develop that ability?

So where does the mud turtle come in? We have a mud turtle that is staying with us. We will release him back to nature shortly. One of the issues is the mud turtle eats tadpoles! So we have to keep them separated.

In regards to obtaining another aquarium, I posted on Freecycle initially, then looked on Craig's List. I didn't see anything. We ended up going to Petsmart and picking up one of these lightweight aquariums. We already have one. They are great for catching critters and studying them. A habitat can be made in these aquariums for a land critter or water critter. They have a top, so creatures can not escape, especially in the house! The aquariums are versatile and served our purpose. We have 2 of them now in the large size.

I highly recommend raising tadpoles as a future summer project for any of you considering it!

Monday, July 13, 2009

An Afternoon Spent Back in Time

As I type this, my children are dressed in their prairie attire - some of it creative play. My son is wearing jeans and a shirt with a denium apron around it. (He couldn't find his overalls). My daughter is wearing a shirt and shorts with an actual prairie bonnet and prairie apron. The kids are playing "Little House on the Prairie." They were creating their own covered wagon. They asked me for some assistance on the canvas. =) So we found a big comforter to fill that need. The wagon is all set up now and they are off now playing. There have announced they are taking a wagon ride back to Walnut Grove. I love sitting close by and hearing them play.

My daughter has some real prairie clothes as I just mentioned. She had a birthday recently and received them from Our Grandmom's Closet. After hearing them play today, I decided to surprise my son and order him a pair of kid's suspenders. Thank goodness for Google or I would not know if they even made suspenders for kids, let alone where to buy them! I ordered the carpenter suspenders from the Suspender Store. When there is a break in their play, I am going to pick up The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder and join them for some reading time.