Thursday, April 16, 2009

Making Changes: Auto Insurance

I was on a quest to review our current insurances and save money. I have been a loyal customer with one auto carrier for 20 years. That's not to say I've never shopped around. I frequent shop around to save money. After being with one company for such a long time, I haven't been able to get a better rate. My friend had mentioned that she gets a better rate with another company. So I've been looking into it. I got some good online quotes from them. Although I did have to put some information into their website, I was pleased with the results. It also provided the opportunity for me to change some of the coverages to see what the differences would be in cost. Something I've never had a chance to do before.
I obtained these quotes a few months ago and I was pleased so I followed up by phone to get a quote with the same company for homeowner's insurance. Well after giving them all of this great information, I was put on hold waiting for a quote.....the associate came back on and said she could not offer me a quote as I was too close to the water! Hmmm, a little bummed about that. I left the insurance idea alone for a bit.
My quest resurfaced as our auto policy came do. I did the quotes again for auto and took them with my current policy into my agent. We talked for quite some time and went over several figures. He expressed gratitude to me for coming in and addressing this with me, then seemed determined to get me a lower rate. Well, it turns out, he couldn't get me a better rate.
A week later, I got a bill in the mail for a $20 increase!
So that was it, I called the other insurer, finished my quote and got a new policy! Free after 20 years! I am going to save $146.30 every 6 months. Hubby figured that out to be 39% savings. We are happy and we'll have the same coverage.