Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Simplifying Candy

I'm handling Halloween differently this year. This applies even if you don't celebrate Halloween but attend the Fall Festivals. This is about candy everywhere! It's tough to have all of that candy in the house! It's has no nutritional value...it's not good for me, the kids or hubby. I've come too far on my journey of heathy eating this year! I'm fighting back! This year I am making a plan. I told each child they could pick 10 candies to save from their loot. I am getting rid of the rest! Instead I will replace their candy with $10 and take them each to Target to choose a special gift instead. I believe one of our local dentists is also offering a similar incentive for the kids so I will explore that option as well. My message to the kids will reinforce moderation. This is the first time we are trying this, so wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Unscheduled Afternoon

We had such a simple day today. We finished our studies this morning...I was considering taking the kids to the local playground for a while to run around this afternoon with some friends. In the meantime, we had just finished lunch and we were going to take a walk. The kids ran to get their socks....and did not return. They got distracted and ending up playing for the next 3 hours together. What a relaxing afternoon! The kids played together, communicated well and shared ideas, and used their imaginations all afternoon long! We haven't had one of these types of days in a while. I was so glad I didn't "schedule" a playground date for us.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Work & Life Balance

Where have I been?? Do you think I simplified so much....that I've turned off the computer completely? =) Believe me, I've thought about it from time to time. I love keeping up to date with friends and family too much, especially those far away. I also love being able to research information quickly. So no, even though I may have thought of it at times, my computer is still on.
I have taken some time off blogging. I have been striving for a simpler life and things have been going really well. Over the summer, hubby and I had been talking about the possibility of me working some hours outside the home. Actually the idea of the two of us splitting some time - him working less hours and spending more time with the kids and me picking up some hours. A work & life balance was our goal. We found it. So these past few months have just been working together on that focus. What we found offered me many more working hours than I was originally searching for. The position was very interesting and not something you find every day. We decided to accept the challenge. My hubby cut back his work hours to 4 eight hour days and I picked up 3 days to work. He is now spending a lot more time with the kids and participating in homeschooling. Yay! So it really worked out for us.