Saturday, July 21, 2012

Remembering My Uncle

My Uncle died today. He was a great man who meant a lot to our family. He had suffered a massive stroke in May and had been in rehab.

I am so glad I got to visit with him in rehab. He was in good spirits and 2 of the visits at the rehab were with my Dad. It was funny to watch the two of them together – my Dad and my Uncle – a comedy team.  =)       My Dad fussing over him in the bed and my Uncle harassing him back. It was sweet and endearing and our visits were a good time. I'm glad he kept his sense of humor.

My Uncle really seemed to make a connection with the male speech therapist. When he came in the room and worked with him,  it seemed that they had a special bond. I won’t forget watching him eat sherbert with him for the first time.  =)

That day I also asked my Uncle what his favorite song was – he told me Elvis. (I called my Aunt later and chatted with her and she said it was Perry Como, Kenny Rogers or “cowboy music.”)  That night I got my hubby to download some Elvis onto my MP3 player. I brought it and some mini speakers with me to visit my Uncle at rehab. I wasn’t really sure how it would go over, but I took a chance. We had a nice afternoon listening to Elvis! He really enjoyed the music and thought the MP3 and speakers were the neatest thing. It was sweet and I will always remember it.

My Uncle was a special part of our family. He was my Godfather. He also was a patriarchal figure for our side of the family. Aside from my Dad we didn’t have many male relatives that were active in our lives. I didn’t know either of my grandfathers and only had one other uncle, who I didn't know well. So we thought very highly of my Uncle Bill. Thankfully our family tree is changing and my children have many aunts and uncles.

It saddens me that he is no longer with us. I know he is at peace and sitting with his son. I will remember the recent visits we had together very fondly.

To my Uncle - I love you and miss you. I'm glad I got a chance to visit with you, spend time with you, laugh and tell you how much I love you.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


We learned what a waterspout was yesterday...a tornado over water. It was over the intercoastal waterway between Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island (SSI) about 3:30 pm yesterday.

I was coming over the causeway from SSI. Everyone was pulling over and taking pictures. It was quite an unbelievable phenomena to witness. I had no idea what it was....only that it looked like a skinny tornado! People came out of Walgreens and stores along 17 to witness it and take pictures. It was really something.

I  had to do some research last night to learn what it was - so many people taking pictures - I figured someone posted it online!

Next time I know not to stop - keep driving! Glad the kids got to witness it.

We were at a different angle, but someone got some of it. From our angle, the sky and clouds were dark and stormy. It was headed our way.

Here are some pictures I found of it:
Picture from a distance
Close up picture with dark, stormy clouds 
Quick video - he captures it with the dark, stormy clouds. He takes the big picture and zooms in as well.