Sunday, August 2, 2015

90 Day Milestone

Our RV Journey – Summer Trip – Day 90

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.

We have been busy:
·         visiting with family and friends
·         stepping out of our comfort zones
·         exploring and trying new things
·         making new friends
·         getting in/staying in shape
·         swimming, playing games and laughing  =)

It’s been a good summer, a great adventure.

We’ve been living in our RV for 90 days - 3 months.

We’ve spent so much time outdoors, I imagine it will be difficult to return to our stick house! I remember noticing that same issue last year, after our trip. Once we returned home, we just seemed to regress and spend more time indoors.

Why? Why is that?

I gave it some thought then as well.

Right now, the amount of time we spend outdoors just seems like part of the magic of summer.  =)

~ Happy Camper