Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Camping: Spending a lot of Quality Time with the Family

We just spent the last few days camping. As always on these trips, I am drawn to spend more time....thinking about how to make this time last longer. In that way, it's similar to the holidays....everyone is happy, spending time together and enjoying the outdoors.
There are families that full time on the road. You can learn more about them here.
We just upgraded to a motorhome from our travel trailer. Whenever, I go camping, I realize I have everything that is important with me - my family, shelter, food, clothes and lots of love! What more do I need? What is sitting in that house that I *need?* Although I enjoy having the house to spread out, have some more room and entertain, am I really lacking anything that I don't have here?
I try to reduce the items I think I need. I have too many clothes. I can always continue to reduce them. We have too many books - kids and adults, which we do use often. The kids have so many toys. I continue to reduce the amount of toys we have - give them away when the kids outgrow them and switch them out at times.
What else do we really have or need? I would love to pack the camper for a month and see how we do. I'd love to challenge us. I get so inspired thinking in these terms - what do we really need?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What I learned this week....

Earlier this week, our truck broke down. Unfortunately we were out in it at the time. We do have AAA. The truck overheated so we just let it cool down. We made our way back home; we were about 5 miles away. It took us almost an hour to get back home....pulling over every few minutes to let the truck cool down. Ooooh, the kids were annoyed and had little patience with this.
I learned that when you do not have a vehicle, you can save money! At least we did. There was no where to go to spend it. We still had a good time. We like to be home and spend time together.
We organized, cleaned, got the house in order. Sometimes when you are busy spending time outside the home, you neglect to take care of your home. That has happened recently to us. I'm not sure that we were spending so much time outside of the home. We were just busy and not taking the time to care for the house. Having this extra time of being still, gave us the time to give our home some love.
We didn't exactly clean it the Flylady way. The kids and I started with the coffee table, a place where they often do their studies and activities. We cleaned off the clutter and put things back in their spots. I realized the coffee table is their "kitchen sink." We organized. Then hubby and I split the chores of vacuuming and mopping. He has been working from home the past few months. While on a break, I asked him which he would prefer - to vacuum or mop. He responded that he would vacuum. That's how it is done! =)
He vacuumed and I mopped. We decided he would vacuum the bedrooms tomorrow and I will mop the bathrooms then. It is so nice to work together as a team.
Now that I had given some thought to the kids' kitchen sink - the coffee table, I let them know this would be there daily project - to put the things away on the coffee table every day and keep it neat and clean.
We wrapped up the day by baking cookies and watching the Little House on the Prairie pilot. We shared a nice day together. House is clean and we all worked together as a team.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Homeschool Mom's Dilemna

My 6 year old asks me yesterday:

"what is more important Mom that I learn to read so I can read to my kids one day or that I clean up my mess?"

Hmmm, challenging one. He's opting to complete his bookwork over the doldrum of cleaning up after himself. I like how he worded it to me. What is a homeschooling Mom to choose??

He can do both of course. He likes learning and working through his Explode the Code workbook. He likes to play, build things and use his imagination. He does not like to clean up the mess he leaves after times of play.