Thursday, March 5, 2009

Monthly Meal Planning

After reviewing our monthly expenses, I'm determined to save money on food. I figured planning monthly meals will help. It will give us a plan for the entire month and will save us money at the grocery store. I'm a little nervous to shop at the grocery store for a month's worth of groceries. Minus an extra trip or two fto replenish our milk and fresh veggies.
Family fun offers this calendar for monthly meals. In addition to having a list of meals for a month, you also can click on each meal and it brings up the recipe. I like the idea of themes for each day of the week. Plus it may also give you some ideas of new things to try.
I also stumbled upon this site in my search - e-mealz. There is a small monthly fee of $5. It includes a list of meals, list of ingredients and cost depending on where you shop. While I hesitate to spend any money on something I can do myself, this option does look interesting. If I am able to stick to a plan, $5 a month is nothing compared to the amount of money I would be saving.
I believe Leeanne Ely, Flylady's friend, has her own site, Saving Dinner and Menu Mailer program for a fee as well.