Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Letting Go of Training Wheels....

Last night, I was helping my son learn to ride his bike without training wheels. I love that moment when they have a good sense of balance and they grow more confident as they are pedaling. I am running next to the bike and I gently take my hand off his seat - he is riding on his own!

Of course he glances back quickly and starts to get nervous. How does he know I lifted my hand off the seat? It's like he has a sense of Mom's Intuition. In the past, he's gotten distracted and lost his balance. Tonight he continues his sense of balance and I cheer him on. "You can do it. Keep riding. You are doing it by yourself!" He is so excited, so confident.

His grandparents are here visiting. The whole family is out in the driveway and Grammy is filming this big event. We are all cheering him on and proud of his accomplishment.
I find myself exhilarated and proud. I find this comparable to graduating high school or the first time the kids could write their ABCs by themselves.

I have not graduated a child from high school, however in my mind's eye, I imagine I would have similar feelings to what I am feeling now.