Sunday, July 19, 2015

Project - Bus Conversion

Our RV Journey – Summer Trip – Day 76

Spotlight on: Hank Butitta

Hank Butitta is a recent architectural graduate. During his Masters Program, he bought and converted a bus. I love how he took theory to hands on - outside the classroom doors and began this project. I do like the design from the layout to the beds to the bookshelves to the flexibility of the entire inside.  Take a look

You can also watch Hank Butitta as he gives a TED talk.
“Blend of excitement and fear – embrace it.”

Why couldn’t I have a project like this in school? Imagine how much he actually learned from the hands on experience. I give him a lot of credit for thinking of this project as I imagine it was outside the box for his field, proposing it, then completing it. 

~ Happy Camper

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